Multi-Family Housing:
St. Tropez Condominiums
Williamsburg Townhomes
The Peninsula of Lake Austin
Carino Apartments
The Ledge Condominiums
Chapultepec Homes
Candlewick Apartments
38th Street Condominiums
Woodlawn Place
Duval Street Condominiums
Landmark Condominiums

Single-Family Housing:
Westlake Residence - Addition
Reese Residence
Putnam Residence
Sessler Residence
Shefelman Residence
Grey Residence
Johnson Residence
Jacks Residence - Remodel
Ricks Residence - Remodel
McNair Boat House
Alford Residence
Raskin Residence
Puckett Residence
Spelce Residence
Prewett Residence
McLean Residence
Browning Residence
Kenton Residence - Remodel
Hayes Residence - Remodel