The members of Westover Hills Church of Christ were very specific about
the spiritual and physical experience they wanted in their new auditorium.
Having had for years their religious services in a boxy, windowless, and
over crowded auditorium, they wanted a different feeling within their
new expansion. However, they did want to retain two features of the old
auditorium. First, even as the church was growing, they still wanted
everyone to feel connected and secondly, they liked the way their
acappella voices filled the room. The new auditorium's design
incorporated numerous features which addressed those desires. The
auditorium feels light and airy due to high vaulted ceilings and extensive
clerestory windows along its perimeter. Within this same irregular shaped
worship space, a highly successful acoustical environment, perfect for
acappella singing, was achieved. Within the fan shaped auditorium, the
balcony seating was designed to be contiguous with the lower floor,
reinforcing the interaction of every church member.

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